4.7. Settings - Velocity vector

This panel lets you set the following options for velocity vector plots:

Vector Length Scale

The scale factor of the arrows that are drawn for this plot type. You can use the slider or type in a scale factor in the box below the slider. You can also fix this scale factor so that all plots use the same scale. The range for this factor is calculated from the maximum velocity and the physical dimensions of your model.

Arrow Type

The type of arrows that are plotted. Solid arrows take longer to plot than line arrows (the default).

Vector scales

Autodyn chooses vector scales automatically using the maximum and minimum velocities in the model. You can override these scales and set your own minimum and maximum scale values in this box. You can also fix these scales for all plots (useful when creating slideshows).

Surface vectors only

Check this box if you want to plot vectors only on material surfaces. This can speed up plotting significantly, but is not always what you need, particularly if your plot uses opacity.

Vector density

Reduces the number of velocity vectors plotted, which can speed up plotting significantly. The option applies only to Lagrange and ALE parts. You specify the reduction factor for each grid index (I, J, and K).

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