4.19. Settings - Marker

The Marker Plot lets you highlight a particular position, node, or element of interest.

Specify Marker Position

Choose to specify the marker position either by XYZ coordinates or by specifying a part and I/J/K values for a node or element.

XYZ coordinates

The coordinates of the marker location.


Highlights a particular node, element or face of an element.

Parts List

The part containing the node, element, or face to be highlighted.


Select the I, J, and K values for the node, element or face of interest in case the part selected is structured.

Node Number/Element Number/Face Number

Enter the node, element for face number of interest in case the part selected is unstructured. Depending on the selection of User No. or Internal No. the node, element or face number displayed is the original User Number or the Autodyn internal number.

Text labels

Labels each marker.

Text size

The text size used for the label.

Label bounds

Puts a bounding box around each label.

Label offset

Sets your own offset position for labels.

Leading line

Shows lines joining each marker to its label.

Radial offset

Check this box if you want to use radial label offsets instead of linear offsets.

X / Y / Z offset

These sliders let you adjust the label offset distance in the X, Y, and Z directions.

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