4.2. Settings - Grid

This panel lets you set the following options for grid plots (some options are not present for 2D models) :

Grid lines

View grids with or without grid lines (or with just the outline of the grids displayed).

Colored grid lines

Display grid lines in color (otherwise they are displayed in black).

Hidden line removal + allow examine

View grids with hidden line removal. The Examine feature is available only if Hidden line removal is selected.


Set the opacity for your view. It is functional only if Hidden line removal is selected. An opacity of 1.0 means you cannot see inside a grid. An opacity of 0.0 is equivalent to turning hidden line removal off (that is, you can see everything inside the grid).

Enable zoning plot

By default you will only see the parts of a grid that are filled with material. Check this box to see all zoning, including unused elements.

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