4.8. Settings - Gauge Point

This panel lets you set the following options for gauge point plots:

Select gauge points

These options let you select all gauge points, all gauge points associated with a part, or individually by number. For the last two cases additional dialog prompts you for the part names or gauge numbers as required.

Marker scale

Each gauge point is represented by a marker. This slider lets you set the marker size.

Text labels

Labels each marker with its corresponding gauge number.

Text size

The text size used for the label.

Label bounds

Puts a bounding box around each label.

Label offset

Sets your own offset position for labels.

Leading line

Shows lines joining each marker to its label.

Radial offset

Uses radial label offsets instead of linear offsets.

X / Y / Z offset

These sliders let you adjust the label offset distance in the X, Y, and Z directions.

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