4.6.1. Settings - Contour - Profile Plot

This dialog window lets you compose and display a profile plot of a chosen variable along some defined line.

This dialog window is only available for structured solvers.

Define the Line along which the variable is profiled

Specify the end points for the line along which the variable is profiled.

You can do this by specifying the coordinates for the start point and end point of the line (lower left).

Alternatively, in 2D, you can select this line interactively in the View Panel using the mouse (hold Shift+right mouse button to drag a line across your model).

Change Variable

Change the variable you want to profile.


Smooth the profile plot.

Line Color

Select the line color for your profile plot.

Write textfile (uhs)

Write digital history data for the current plot to a text file. The text file has an extension .uhs and is Microsoft Excel compatible.


Use the left mouse button to select a point on the graph. The corresponding x and y values are displayed in the Examine panel.

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