3.1. Plots - Select Contour Variable

This dialog lets you select the variable you want to contour.

Select the variable from the left hand list.

For multi-material variables (those at the top of the left hand list above the variable PRESSURE), you must also select a material (or All) from the right hand list. When a material is selected, the value for that material fraction in an element is plotted. When All is selected, a mass-weighted average for all material fractions in an element is plotted.

For NBS tetrahedral elements, contour and element gauge plots of standard variables are a volume weighted average of the values at the nodes of that element. An additional variable set, with suffix '.NBS', can be used to plot the SCP solution used to stabilize the nodal solution for parts with a non-zero Puso stability coefficient. This variable set can also be used to plot variable values (average over all materials) at node gauges.

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