Chapter 3: Plots

This panel lets you set up what you want to see in the View panel.


Choose which cycle you want to view for the current model (Ident).

Select part(s)

The Parts in the model. Operations performed in the Plots panel will be applied only to the Part(s) you select.

Fill type

The basic fill type you want to view. Select only one fill type.

Additional components

View additional components in your plot by checking the boxes alongside the additional components you want to include (any number can be selected).

Contour Variable

Active only if a new Contour Fill type is selected. Click Change Variable to change the variable to be contoured.

View range

Active only if a single Part is selected. Click this button to limit the IJK range that is plotted for the Part.


Check a box to mirror the image in the associated axis.

All Fill types and Additional components have default Settings. You can quickly access and change these settings by pressing the   button to the right of these options. Doing so will bring up a dialog window containing the settings available for the associated option.

The Settings button on the Navigation bar gives you access to all these settings.

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