2.5.1. Pull-Down Menu - View - Slideshow - Setup

This window lets you set parameters for creating a slideshow.


Click   next to the Directory box to browse to the directory in which you want to save your slideshow.

Slideshow prefix

Enter a slideshow prefix in this field or check Use current model name to use the current Ident as the slideshow prefix.

This prefix is used for all image files created for the slideshow.

Next slide number

Enter a number for the next slide to be created or check Automatic numbering if you want Autodyn to automatically assign numbers to slides.

Image type

Use this pull-down menu to select the image type you want to use to create your slides (gif, jpeg, tiff, or gfa).

Use OpenGL

Check this box if you want to use OpenGL to create your slides. This can significantly improve the plotting of SPH objects.

Fix Slide size

Select this toggle to fix the size of slides created. Specify the width and height of the image in pixels. If the toggle is not selected, the slides created are to be the size of the graphics window.

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