2.3.1. Pull-Down Menu - Setup - Description

This window lets you modify the description of your model.


Changes the ident for your model.

The ident you choose is used to identify all the files created for your model.

For example, if your Ident is MyImpactProblem, then the cycles zero Save file for the problem will be named MyImpactProblem_0.ad.


Changes the heading for your model.

Headings appear in plots and other output for your model.


Adds or changes a detailed description of your model.


Changes the units of length, mass and time you want to use for your model.

The default units (mm, mg, ms) will give good results, with small rounding errors, for most models.

Changing the units here will not result in any scaling of data previously entered. It affects only the units displayed in output and data conversions performed when reading / writing data to/from material libraries.

Current Cycle

Displays the current cycle number.

Current Time

Changes the current time.

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