2.6.4. Pull-Down Menu - Options - Pause License

If you are working with a project in Workbench which contains an Autodyn system linked to an ANSYS Explicit Dynamics system you will not be able to open and work in both applications simultaneously in shared licensing mode or when the license server has only one solver license available. For example, if you want to generate a new mesh in the meshing application then you will need to close the Autodyn application to release the license for the meshing application to use.

As an alternative, you can leave the Autodyn application open, but release the license for another application to use. While the license is released, the Autodyn user interface will be locked.

After selection of the Pause option the license is released, and the Autodyn user interface will be locked. To continue the Autodyn application, you can select Retry to try to obtain the license again. The Close App option will exit the Autodyn application without saving any data.

For more information on licensing, review the ANSYS Licensing Guide.

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