2.2.5. Pull-Down Menu - Import - Convert IJK to Unstructured

Existing structured (IJK) Parts using the Lagrange, Shell and Beam solvers can be converted into Unstructured Parts via the Import, Convert IJK Part to Unstructured option. The mesh, material, boundary conditions and initial conditions will be transferred to the new Part.

This feature lets you convert existing models to the new solvers to take advantage of the reduced memory requirements and increased speed of solution.

Note:  This option is only available for 3D analyses.

During the conversion, you will be presented with the options:

Delete converted IJK regions

Deletes the structured IJK Parts that have been converted to unstructured solvers after the conversion process.

Merge connected IJK Parts into single Unstructured Part

Complex geometries defined using the structured (IJK) solvers tend to be made up of a large number of relatively simple Parts that are joined together (for example a mesh imported from ICEM-CFD .geo file). By default, the conversion process will merge connected IJK Parts into a single Part. This simplifies the model and can also improve performance because there will be fewer Joins in the model. For some applications, you may not wish to merge the IJK Parts in this way. Clearing this option will result in no change in the Parts defined in the model.

Merge joined IJK nodes into single unstructured node

By default, all joined nodes are merged into a single unstructured node during the conversion process. In some cases, for example if you have pinned joins, you may not wish to do this.

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