2.2.2. Pull-Down Menu - Import - ICEM

This window lets you import grid data from ICEM-CFD.

Navigate to the ICEM-CFD zoning file you want to import (.geo) and click   to open the following window.


The ICEM-CFD zoning file contains one or more domains of nodes (imported as Parts). These are displayed in the scrolling box at the top of the window. If Import selected parts is checked, you can select one or more domains.

Import all Parts

Imports all the domains as Parts.

Import selected Parts

Imports selected domains as Parts. Select the domains you want to import in the top box.

Select solver type

Select the solver type you want to assign to the imported Parts.

Click   to import the Parts.

Parts are imported with their domain name. You can change these domain names later in the Parts panel.

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