2.1.2. Pull-Down Menu - File - Manage Folders

This menu is available only when Autodyn is started outside Workbench.

This window lets you manage a list of the folders containing your Autodyn models.

You can add and delete folders from this list as your projects change.

Folder List

The scroll box contains a list of the current folders you have selected. For each folder you see its alias (if defined) followed by its full path name in parentheses.

Double clicking on any folder in this list selects it as the directory for your current model.

  Select / Create Folder

Click this button to add another folder to your list (using a browser). After selecting the directory for the folder, you can optionally specify an alias for the folder.

  Remove Folder from list

Click this button to remove the selected folder from your list.

  View Folder Contents

Click this button to view the model files in the selected folder. Pull-Down Menu - File - Manage Folders - New

This window lets you define an optional alias name for a folder.

Enter the alias name in the field provided.

If you leave this field blank, the full folder name will be used to reference the folder.

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