2.4.1. Pull-Down Menu - Execution - Batch Runner

This window lets you set up and run single or multiple jobs (calculations) in batch mode (without graphics).

Job List

Lists all current jobs (that is, Save files that are to be loaded and executed) and shows their status.

Add Job

Adds a job to the list. A window opens to let you browse to the Save file you want to load and execute.

Delete Selected Job(s)

Select one or more Jobs in the Job List and click this button to delete them from the Job List.

Load Job(s) from File

Loads jobs saved in a file (.bat) into the Job List.

Save Job List to File

Saves all the jobs in the current Job List to a file (.bat).


Runs the jobs in your Job List.

Jobs run sequentially in the Job List.

While running, the window displays information on which jobs have completed, which job is currently executing and which are waiting in line to execute. The status of the executing job is also displayed at the foot of the window. At the start of each job, the solver performs standard checks on model integrity. In interactive mode, you may be required to acknowledge or decline certain decisions, but when using the Batch Runner all decisions are automatically accepted. These decisions are recorded in the log file.


Stops running jobs in the Job List.

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