10.9.4. Parts - Zoning - Ogive

This window lets you generate an ogive with its axis parallel to the Z axis.


The section you want to generate (Whole, Half or Quarter). This should match any symmetry planes you have defined for your model.

Solid or Hollow

Choose either a solid or hollow ogive.

If you choose a hollow ogive, you will have to specify inner and outer radii for the ogive.


The X, Y, and Z coordinates for the center of your ogive.

End Radius

The end radius of your ogive.

Ogive Radius

The ogive radius.

Mesh Type

Select a Type 1 or Type 2 mesh for your ogive.

The type 1 mesh is more efficient in using elements, but some elements are not very rectangular (which can reduce the accuracy of your solution).

All the elements of a type 2 mesh are reasonably rectangular, but about a quarter of the elements generated for this mesh are unused.

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