10.9.2. Parts - Zoning - Cylinder

This window lets you generate a cylinder with its axis parallel to the Z axis.


The section you want to generate (Whole, Half or Quarter). This should match any symmetry planes you have defined for your model.

Solid or Hollow

Choose either a solid or hollow cylinder.

If you choose a hollow cylinder, you will have to specify inner and outer radii for the cylinder.


The X, Y, and Z coordinates for the center of the starting surface of your cylinder.

Start Radius / End Radius

You can specify different radii for the starting and end faces of your cylinder. For a regular cylinder (constant radius), set the starting radius equal to the end radius.


The length of your cylinder.

Grade zoning along axis

Check this box if you want to grade the zoning along the length of your cylinder (you will asked to specify a geometric ratio to use).

Start Surface / End surface

The starting and end surfaces of your cylinder can be flat, concave or convex.

If you select a concave or convex surface, you will have to specify its radius of curvature.

Mesh Type

Select a Type 1 or Type 2 mesh for your cylinder.

The type 1 mesh is more efficient in using elements, but some elements are not very rectangular (which can reduce the accuracy of your solution).

All the elements of a type 2 mesh are reasonably rectangular, but about a quarter of the elements generated for this mesh are unused.

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