10.9.1. Parts - Zoning - Box

This window lets you generate a box with its axes parallel to the X, Y, and Z axes.


The X, Y, and Z coordinates of the lower corner of the box.

Box Dimensions

The dimensions of the box (DX, DY, DZ)

Grade zoning

Check the boxes if you want to grade your zoning in any direction.

If you choose this option you can specify a range of cells which have a fixed size. The remaining cells will be smoothly graded to fit the overall dimension of the box you specified in the previous window.

Fixed size

The dimension you want to use for the fixed size cells.


The number of fixed size cells you want to use.


Specify where you want to place the fixed size cells relative to the full I/J/K range.


At the center of the full I/J/K range.


At the lower end of the I/J/K range.


At the upper end of the I/J/K range.

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