10.1. Parts - New

This window lets you create a new structured Part.

Part Name

The name for the Part.


The Solver you want to use for the Part.


You can select to define your Part manually or using the Part Wizard (the Part Wizard cannot be used for SPH or Beam Solvers, so these options are not displayed for these solvers).

  • Manual

    If you choose this option, fields appear for you to specify the maximum I, J and K range for your Part (left window above).

    After clicking   you return to the Parts panel where you can define your Part manually using the Zoning and Fill buttons.

  • Part Wizard

    If you choose this option, you advance through three more dialog windows that guide you through the complete definition of your part, using one of a number of pre-defined geometries (Predefs).

    The first dialog window lets you choose the Predef you want to use.

    The second dialog window lets you define your zoning.

    The third dialog window lets you fill your part.

    Click   to advance through the dialog windows, then click   in the last window to create your Part.

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