10.12.1. Parts - Gauges - Add

This window lets you add gauges to your model.

A gauge is a location where time histories of selected variables are recorded during a calculation.

Point / Array / Block

Select whether you want to define a single gauge (Point), a 2D array of gauges (Array) or a 3D block of gauges (Block).

Fixed / Moving

Select whether you want the gauge(s) to be fixed in space or move with the flow (as if imbedded in the material). Moving gauges cannot be defined in Euler subgrids in 3D analyses. Fixed gauges should not be used in structured Lagrange parts when running in parallel.

XYZ / IJK Space

Select whether you want to specify your gauge locations in real space (XYZ) or index space (IJK)

Depending on your selections, the remaining fields will ask you to specify the (X,Y,Z) coordinates of your gauges or the (I,J,K) indices of the elements in which your gauges are to be placed.

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