10.10.2. Parts - Fill - I / J / K Plane

This window lets you fill an I, J, or K plane of the current Part with initial conditions.

The example shown is for filling an I plane (input for the other planes is similar).

Select range to Fill

The I index for the plane you want to fill and the J and K range to fill in this plane.

Fill with Initial Condition Set

Check this box if you want to fill the plane using an Initial Condition Set.

The advantage of filling a Part using an Initial Condition Set is that if you later change one or more parameters in the set, you do not have to refill your Part.

Use the pull-down menu to select the Initial Condition Set you want to use.

You can define new Initial Condition Sets by clicking the Init.Cond. button on the Navigation Bar or by clicking   next to the option in this window.


Because you are only filling a plane, no material fill is done, only initial conditions for nodes are set (that is, velocities)


If you do not want to use an Initial Condition Set, enter parameter values for your fill (Velocity only).

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