10.10. Parts - Fill

Clicking the Fill button in the Parts panel displays the following dialog in the lower region of the panel :

This dialog lets you fill the selected Part with materials and initial conditions.

The only option available for unstructured parts is to fill the whole part. When an unstructured parts only needs to be filled partially, the Group option can be used to create a selected group of elements which then can be filled with materials or initial conditions.

Fill by Index Space


Fill a block in index space.

I/J/K Plane

Fill a plane in index space.


Fill a node.


Fill a block in index space with unused elements.


Fill a composite shell.

Fill Multiple Parts


Fill multiple Parts.

Additional Fill Options


Read or write a datafile for General Remapping.

Part Fill

Fill an Euler Part using Lagrange or Fill Parts.

Block Remap

Read or write a datafile for Fast Block Remapping.

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