10.11.5. Parts - Boundary - Apply Interactively

This window lets you apply a boundary condition interactively by creating a 2D polygon in the graphics display. The boundary condition is applied to any nodes or faces that lie within the 2D polygon.

Interactive selection (Apply/Clear) of boundaries is not available when the Shell Thickness plot is active.


Select the boundary condition you want to apply from this pull-down menu.

You can define Boundary Conditions by clicking the Boundaries button in the Navigation Bar, or you can click   next to the pull-down menu.

Close the window with the  button, to enter the polygon definition stage.

Select the polygon points using Alt+left mouse button. To delete the last polygon, use Shift+left mouse button. To complete the polygon, use Ctrl+left mouse button.

After completing the polygon, the selected nodes or faces are displayed. Click the  button to accept this selection, and apply the boundary condition. At any stage, the   button can be used to cancel the process.

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