Chapter 17: Parallel Processing

This panel lets you set up your model for parallel processing. For additional information about setting up a parallel analysis, see the Autodyn Parallel Processing Tutorial on the Product Documentation section of the ANSYS Customer Portal.

Activate parallel processing

Check this box to activate parallel processing. If this box is checked, your model will be executed in parallel when you press .

Fully automatic Decomposition

Check this box to activate fully automatic decomposition of models containing any combination of Euler and unstructured parts

Decomposition Sets

This input lets you define the domain decompositions you want to use for parallel processing by defining one or more Decomposition Sets.

Decomposition Sets are specific to your model.

The box at the top shows the name of the current Host Decomposition Set. The pull-down menu for this box lets you change the current Decomposition Set to any other Set you have defined.

Manual (Structured Parts)

The structured Lagrangian solver is decomposed along its grid lines. These provide an easy and obvious method to decompose any structured Parts whilst maximizing the load balancing and minimizing the communication.


The automatic domain decomposition for unstructured parts is conducted using a recursive bisection method. This takes into account the geometric location of elements, the element type and the element density.

Plot parallel decomposition

Check this box to see the domain decomposition and task assignments for the current Decomposition Set.

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