17.2. Parallel - Task Assignments

This window lets you assign sub-domains to Tasks performed on each CPU.

The efficiency of parallel processing is very dependent on distributing sub-domains among the tasks so that each task has approximately the same amount of work (computing) to do.

Automatic / Manual assignment

If you select Automatic assignment of Sub-domains to Tasks, Autodyn will automatically distribute sub-domains among the tasks, using load-balancing algorithms. You do not need to input any further data if you use this option.

If you select Manual assignment of Sub-domains to Tasks, further input dialog is presented:

Parts List

The box at the top of the window lists the Parts whose Sub-domains you need to assign. You can select a Part in this list.

Review Assignments

Click this button to view a list of all Sub-domains and the tasks to which they are assigned.

Balance Automatically

Manually assign to tasks

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