17.1. Parallel - Sub-domains

This window lets you decompose the Parts of your model into sub-domains for parallel processing (SPH parts are decomposed automatically).

You can decompose each grid-based Part in your model into smaller blocks, called sub-domains, that can be assigned to different tasks (on different hosts) for processing.

For each Part, these blocks are formed by defining planes in the I, J and K direction where cuts are made to form the sub-domains.

Parts List

The top box lists the model Parts that you can decompose for parallel processing. You can select a Part in this list.

Number of Sections

Enter the number of sections into which you want the selected part divided in I, J and K directions.

Dividing Planes

Enter the I, J and K values for the dividing planes in the three index directions (the default values place the dividing planes evenly through the grid).

The example above would decompose the PROJECTILE Part into 24 sub-domains.

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