17.6. Parallel – Fully Automatic Decomposition

The Fully Automatic Decomposition option is only available for models containing any combination of Euler and unstructured parts. When the fully automatic decomposition option is chosen there is no further input required in terms of the parallel model set-up. On execution the model is automatically decomposed over the number of tasks specified in the Platform MPI appl file. At any point after the model has been initialized the resultant decomposition can be viewed using the plot option also found on the parallel panel.

Example of Fully Automatic Decomposition of a coupled Euler/Lagrange model

Parallel model decomposed over 4 CPUs:

  • 1 Euler Multi-material part

  • 1 Euler Ideal Gas part

  • 2 flexible unstructured parts

  • 2 rigid unstructured parts (cylinders)

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