Chapter 7: Materials

This panel lets you define the materials you want to use in your model.

Material List

Lists the materials you have currently defined for your model. You can select materials in this list.


Define a new material.


Modify parameters for the selected material.


Copy material component data from an existing material to either a new material or another existing material.


Delete one or more materials from your model.


Review the parameters for the selected material in a browser window.


The default material library is This contains all the material data provided by ANSYS, Inc.

Click this button if you want to change the material library to some other material library you have obtained or created.


Load materials from your current material library.


Save the materials you have defined to a material library.

Current material library

The current material library you have selected.

Update Library

Update old material library files, so that they can be used with this version of Autodyn.

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