5.4. History - Multiple Variable Plot

This window lets you compose a multiple variable plot.

Multiple variable plots can contain one or more plots (histories), each with different variables for the X and Y axes.

This window list the plots (histories) you have currently define, displaying for each one its Ident, Gauge number, X variable and Y variable.

Below this list are four buttons:


Click this button to quickly add multiple plots to the list.


Select a plot in the list and click this button to modify its settings.

Add plot

Select a plot in the list and click this button to add a new plot to the list. The initial settings for the new plot will be the same as the selected plot, but you can modify these values immediately in the dialog window that opens.

Delete plot

Click this button to delete a plot from the list.

Important:  The choices you have available for gauges and variables will depend on the type of plot you have chosen (Gauge points, Material Summaries, and so on).

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