16.5. Detonation (3D) - Manual

This window lets you manually define initiation times for blocks of elements.

Part list

Lists all the Parts in your model. Select the Part you want to define initiation time for in this list.

IJK range

The IJK range you want to use to limit the range of application of the detonation point.

Initiation Time

The initiation time that will be applied to all elements in the block.

This feature allows you to manually define the detonation time for the cells. To see the detonation times, view the plot contours of alpha. The detonation time for each cell is shown as a negative number. If a cell shows a value of 0, it will start to detonate at cycle 0. Positive numbers between 0 and 1 correspond to the burn fraction for the cell.

You can also view contour plots of pressure or internal energy to verify that energy has been added to the system.

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