6.1.3. Capture Sequence

This window lets you generate images from the restart or result files of a completed analysis. The output of the operation may either be separate images or a merged animation.

Directory for Model Files

Choose a directory to scan for file.


Choose the file ident (model name) to scan for.

Scan for Current Filename Format

Files of the format ident_cycle.ad will be displayed in the selection panel.

Scan for Old (Verson 4 or Older) Filename Format

Files of the format ident.cycle will be displayed in the selection panel.


Update the list of cycles displayed in the selection panel, after any of the display criteria have been changed.

Select Cycles to Make Slides From

Choose which restart or results files shown in the list are to be used to create images.

Create Merged Animation

Select this option to create a single file as an animation. Select the format of animation created (GIF, AVI or MPEG). If this option is not selected, the animation will be created as a series of separate images.


Specify the delay per frame (in seconds) for merged animations.


Begin the image generation operation.


Interrupt the image generation operation if it is currently in progress.

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