22.2. Running Autodyn in Batch Mode on Linux Platforms

Once Autodyn has been installed on a Linux system, a script called AUTODYN162 is provided that sets up the required runtime environment variables. This script is located within the <Installation directory>/v162/autodyn/bin directory. It can be run by either adding this directory path to your system path environment variable, or by typing the full path to the script.

The arguments to the script control which model is executed:

autodyn162 –I{ident-name} –C{cycle-number}

The C(ycle) argument is not required, and will default to cycle zero if not present.

Putting a file named endbat.dat in the running directory will cause a simulation to stop at the end of the current cycle. Once stopped, Autodyn will delete the endbat.dat file.

Putting a file named savenow.dat in the running directory will force the simulation to write a restart file at the end of the current cycle. Once the restart file has been written out, Autodyn will delete the savenow.dat file and it must be re-created to write out a new restart file.

In order to run a parallel calculation, you should place the parallel configuration file (parallel.cfg) in the same directory as the model file. For further details regarding the setup and execution of parallel simulations, please see the Autodyn Parallel Processing Tutorial.

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