Fall-Winter 2003-04, Vol. 1, Issue 3

in this issue:

First, we are proud to confirm the addition of four new institutional partners to the SHARCNET consortium. The Universities of Waterloo, Brock, York and Ontario Institute of Technology have officially joined the SHARCENT community, further strengthening our ability to provide a leading-edge collaborative environment rich in multi-disciplinary expertise.

Second, we are pleased to welcome a new partner, the Optical Advanced Regional Network of Ontario (ORANO), which provides the high speed optical connection through the ORION network, to connect our major clusters at Western, McMaster and Guelph. This connection will provide SHARCNET’s community of more than 200 research groups with the ability to conduct more computationally-intensive research with the combined power of all three sites.

Third, we have expanded the SHARCNET research community to include another new Chair. Dr. David Garfinkle joined the Department of Physics at the University of Guelph on September 1, 2003, bringing the total number of SHARCNET Chairs to 11. We are extremely pleased with the success of this program and the enhanced research opportunities it has afforded the entire community.

Finally, we are pleased to confirm Round V Fellowship awards in the amount of $415,164. Support for the training and retention of highly qualified personnel is a key SHARCNET mandate. To date, we have allocated an impressive $2,696,875. to support this objective.

These new institutional partners and our slate of successful of support programs, clearly illustrate the attractiveness of the SHARCNET vision and its impact on the Ontario HPC environment.

HPC continues to accelerate the production of research results of benefit to the provincial economy, our environment, our health and our society in general. SHARCNET is proud to be a leading provider of this critical enabling technology, facilitating research and innovation that would otherwise be impossible.

Nils O. Petersen, Chair
SHARCNET Board of Governors
Vice-President, Research
The University of Western Ontario


A meeting of the minds: HP and SHARCNET foster innovation through collaboration and competency network

In the past four months, SHARCNET has experienced enormous progress toward its vision of becoming a world-leading computational facility.

On October 01, 2003, we instituted a new management structure which will diversify and augment our core organizational abilities, increase researcher engagement, expand training opportunities, and cultivate additional programs and initiatives of benefit to the SHARCNET community. As part of this organizational enhancement we are pleased to welcome Hugh Couchman, McMaster University Professor of Astronomy and Fellow of the CIAR Cosmology program, to the position of Scientific Director. We are also pleased to welcome new site leaders at each of our 11 partner institutions.

As we augment our team, it is important to recognize those who have played a significant role in SHARCNET’s development. It is with great appreciation that I thank the original Executive Director’s Advisory Council (EDAC) members: Akshaia Aggarwal (Windsor); Hugh Couchman (McMaster); Ian Hamilton (WLU); Avrim Katzman (Sheridan); Allan MacIsaac (Western); Garth Santor (Fanshawe); Deb Stacey (Guelph); for their dedication to SHARCNET and their contribution to the success that we have experienced thus far.

We have taken steps to ensure that SHARCNET’s vision is aligned with that of leading North American HPC users and enablers. We are pleased to announce the constitution of the SHARCNET High Performance Computing Strategic Council. Subject matter experts from industry, academia, government and leading North American HPC facilities have joined this international advisory Council to provide strategic guidance and input to SHARCNET on the external climate for HPC in North America, and specific issues facing our organization as we move forward.

We have also executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory (HPCVL), Ontario’s other regional HPC consortia. This MOU outlines plans to collaborate in our provision of HPC resources and services to academic research communities in Ontario. It is our collective belief that by working together we will be able to provide a more comprehensive set of computational services and resources. We are extremely pleased with this agreement, and the opportunities it will create for innovation and collaboration in the province.

At SHARCNET, the future of High Performance Computing is here, today.

Carmen Gicante, P.Eng, MBA
Executive Director,



Power, Partnership, Performance: a celebration of people


On January 23, 2004, SHARCNET will celebrate its success at Power, Partnership, Performance: a celebration of Canadian research excellence and the people who make it possible.

This event will bring together people and organizations from across the SHARCNET community to celebrate the conclusion of the SHARCNET Chairs and Fellowships programs.

Since 2001, SHARCNET has awarded more than $2.6M in Fellowships to over 120 outstanding Canadian researchers, and has installed 11 new Chairs at its partner institutions across South Central Ontario, with an additional position in the offer stage. Of these individuals, 6 were recruited from outside of Canada, 1 from outside of Ontario and 1 from Ontario industry. Both programs are representative of the resounding success that SHARCNET has experienced in just over 2 years of operation.

On January 23, join the SHARCNET community to celebrate Canadian research excellence and the people, institutions, organizations and government agencies that make it possible.

The Great Hall
The University of Western Ontario
11:00am – 2:00pm
Program followed by reception

For more information on this event, please contact Lindsay Zajac, SHARCNET Communications Officer at 519.661.2111 x87082 or l.zajac@sharcnet.ca.